A bit about me:

I'm an educator, writer, consultant, and Mark Twain scholar. My specializations include leadership, teacher education, ESL/ESOL, gifted education, and Mark Twain. I am the only person to have served as the Executive Director of both the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum in Hannibal, Missouri and the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut. I am the Director of Education for Epic Flight Academy and was proud to serve as the event director for Hannibal's bicentennial celebration in 2019.

Discovery of Sam Clemens's Signature
in the Mark Twain Cave 


On July 26, 2019 during the 3rd quadrennial Clemens Conference, while touring the cave with other Twain scholars and my dear friend Linda Coleberd, owner of the Mark Twain Cave, I discovered something I have sought for decades: the signature of Samuel Clemens. This was a 'holy grail' for me. Linda and I have looked on countless occasions throughout the cave's 260 passageways and 250,000 signatures. We were in an unlit passage with two other Twain scholars. Linda was flashing her light around to give them an idea of the challenge we perpetually faced, when suddenly I saw "Clemens" on the wall. Dr. Alan Gribben, and Kevin Mac Donnell are the Twain scholars who spent the next two months authenticating the signature as belonging to Sam Clemens.The rest, as they say, is history, and I am still pinching myself. You can read my account here.

Applied Linguistics Textbook (2020)

Linguistics for K-12 Classroom Applicati

What a joy it was to co-author this textbook with my friend and colleague, Dr. Jane Govoni. We both teach Applied Linguistics at the University of South Florida and found that our students, pre-service teachers, struggled with many of the technical and theoretical aspects of the topic. We spent a year or so discussing how to integrate these more abstract concepts into classroom scenarios to which our students could relate, and the result was this text. Each chapter centers around a specific classroom scenario and the English leaners in the classroom. Our teacher candidates can picture themselves in each scenario and appreciate the immediate application for the classroom. I invite anyone who teaches Applied Linguistics at college or in ESOL endorsement classes to request a desk copy of Linguistics for K-12 Application from Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.  Published in 2020.

ESOL Textbook (2021)


For those who teach foundations of ESOL at the college level or in ESOL endorsement workshops, this text covers the following:



     ■Theories of Second Language Learning


     ■Applied Linguistics Overview

     ■Special Populations (e.g., Gifted English Learners (EL), ELs with Learning Disabilities)



     ■Evaluation for K-12 English Learners

The new 4th edition includes 65 new activity pages for the college classroom or professional development workshop. You can request a desk copy from Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.