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ESOL / ESL / Multilingual / TESOL Textbooks

With my friend and colleague, Dr. Jane Govoni, we have shared our expertise in training teachers to work with English learners (ELs), students whose first language is not English, by collaborating on the publication of three ESOL textbooks, all published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Co. Supporting materials are available at ESOL in Higher Ed


When I earned my PhD in Education at The University of Iowa, I specialized in the areas of Gifted Education and ESOL (teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I have been teaching in the field of ESOL / ESL since 1999. Currently, Jane and I both teach ESOL courses at the University of South Florida. In my role as Director of Education at Epic Flight Academy, I work with students from all around the world who are training to become pilots, supporting them in English as needed. Jane and I both consult for the Florida DOE in writing test questions in the field of ESOL for teacher certification exams. We continue to remain current in our specialization areas to support classroom teachers as they work with diverse learners at all levels.

Our Textbooks:

In its 4th edition, Preparing the Way: Teaching ELs in the Pre-K - 12 Classroom (2021), is a comprehensive ESOL textbook used in university classrooms and teacher workshops all around the country. Reviewers with the National Council on Teacher Quality summarized this book by saying, "When used within a program rooted in scientifically-based reading research, this textbook has the potential to enrich students' understanding and application of how to support multilingual learners." 

This reader-friendly text includes literacy activities, classroom scenarios, and 60+ activity pages in the areas of:


1) ESOL Federal and State Legislation; 2) Cultural Proficiency, Diversity, and Equity; 3) Fundamentals of Applied Linguistics; 4) Theories of Second Language Learning; and 5) ESOL Testing and Evaluation.

​If you are an educator and want to request a review copy, contact Catherine Dombrowski at Kendall Hunt.

Linguistics for K-12 Classroom Application.png

In Linguistics for K-12 Classroom Application (2020), readers develop a practical understanding of applied linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) to support the language needs of English learners (ELs) in the K-12 mainstream classroom. 

We present language concepts through classroom scenarios to emphasize the practical application of these concepts for ESOL / ESL students.

Read our interview!

If you are an educator and want to request a review copy, contact Catherine Dombrowski at Kendall Hunt.


The BIG BOOK of ESOL Activities: Preparation for Educators, Administrators, and School Counselors (2023), is exactly what the title promises, a collection of more than 200 engaging activities that introduce and review more than 60 skills and concepts all professionals who work with English learners should know. 

This book of activities will serve a wide audience:

  • college classes in ESOL and ESL

  • field experience classes

  • anyone reviewing for teacher certification exams

  • professional development workshops for teachers, administrators, and school counselors

  • anyone training to work with English learners and their families

​If you are an educator and want to request a review copy, contact Catherine Dombrowski at Kendall Hunt. Read a brief interview here.

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